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Tuesday, October 16, 2018
Industrial Adhesives
A&M Sales, Inc. offers a full line of industrial adhesives including epoxies, liquids, hot melts, urethanes, silicones, aerosols, high performance tape products and our NEW removable adhesives. These products are designed to meet your most demanding packaging or product assembly requirements.
Industrial Adhesive Applications:
Case/Carton Sealing, Woodworking, Foam Assembly, POP Displays, Converting, Fabricating, Automotive, Appliances, Windows, Electronics and more!

Not sure what type of adhesive you need? Fill out our Adhesive Request Form or Email techsupport@amsalesinc.net with a brief description of your project and we'll recommend a solution for your application.


We offer the complete line of Loctite one and two part epoxy and urethane adhesives for structural bonding, potting and encapsulating. From fast setting to high temperature these products can meet your most demanding applications.

Hot Melts

We stock a large selection of stick and bulk products for your packaging or product assembly applications. Products are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, offering both permanent and temporary bonding. For more information see the Hot Melt Adhesives page.


We offer a complete line of water based adhesives for case and carton sealing, labeling, laminating or product assembly applications. See our Adhesive Equipment page for label gluing and laminating machines.


Bostik SuperTak Aerosol Adhesives. General Purpose/ High Performance/ Foam & Fabric/ Contact & Trim Spray Products.


Bostik Sealants are one part, advanced
formulations that deliver durability and flexibility
under the most demanding conditions.
9732 Silicone offers high and low temperature (place this information next to the picture)
resistance plus excellent weathering and UV
resistance. It can be used in applications with
temperatures to 450F(continous) or 500F(intermittent).(can these descriptions be in a box?)

1100FS Fast Set Urethane dries tack free in 90 (place this information next to picture)
minutes to form a tough, flexible bond. Used as
an adhesive or sealant, 1100FS bonds to wood,
metals, FRP and most plastics.

Instant Bond

Loctite brand instant adhesives are
available in a variety of viscosities,
cure speeds, gap-filling properties
and substrate compatibilities.


Loctite brand threadlockers are
available in varying viscosities and
strengths for virtually any application,
including exposure to extreme enviroments.

Glue Dots

We carry the full line of industrial
glue dot products and dispensers.
Introducing the Dot Shot hand applicator!

For more information on other temporary/removable or pressure sensitive adhesives go to our Hot Melt Adhesives page!

High Performance Tapes

We offer a complete line of
Ultra High Bond and other
high performance assembly
tapes using single or double
coated adhesives.

See our Specialty Tape Products

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