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Thursday, November 15, 2018
Industrial Hot Melt Adhesives

Industrial Hot Melt Adhesive Applications | Hot Melt Adhesives | Adhesive Remover |

A&M Sales, Inc. offers a wide variety of hot melts in both stick and bulk form. We stock a large selection of glue sticks with sizes available to fit most glue guns. We also stock thousands of pounds of hot melt adhesives in bulk form, including chips, pillows, blocks and bags for easier handling when using hot melt tank systems. Our product specialties include packaging and product assembly applications for both manual and automatic systems. Ask about our NEW removable hot melts and low temperature glue sticks.

Case Closing, Carton Sealing, Packaging, Contract Assembly, Fullfillment, Mailing, Woodworking, Converting, Foam Fabricating, Automotive, Mattress Assembly, Laminating, POP Display, Furniture, Appliances, Transportation, Construction and many more.

Spray Hot Melts

Assembly Hot Melts

Woodworking Hot Melts

Wide Web Laminating/Spraying

Hot Melt Carton Sealing

Case Sealing

Not sure what type of adhesive you need? Fill out our Adhesive Request Form or Email techsupport@amsalesinc.net with a brief description of your project and we'll recommend a solution for your application.

Bulk Industrial Hot Melts

Case & Carton Sealing
Assembly Products
Pressure Sensitive(tacky)
Removeable or Fugitive
Specialty (upon request).


Benefits of using hot melt adhesives
Increased Production
Easy to Use
Solvent Free
Long Shelf Life
Low Cost Dispensing Eqpt.

See our Glue Dot Dispensers information for solutions to your low, medium or high volume applications of temporary hold or credit card type adhesives for mailings, inserts or multiple item packaging. Our adhesive formulas are available in pre extruded dots, tubes, blocks and pillows.

Industrial Hot Melt Glue Sticks

Economy Grade
Packaging Grade
Assembly Grade
High Performance

5/8X2"  5/8X10"  1/2X4"  1/2X10"  1/2X15"
1X3"  .75X2.5"  1.75X1.5"
Other sizes available.

Complete Line of Manual and Automatic Dispensing Equipment Available!
Click here for complete line


Industrial Adhesive Remover

After many years of testing, we are able to offer an adhesive remover that works effectively on most types of adhesives, yet is non toxic and water soluble.

Soyclean adhesive remover works by breaking down the internal bonds of the adhesive, causing it to weaken. It is effective for removal of dried adhesive, and sticky adhesive residue. It also can be used to break down the charred adhesive that develops in hotmelt application equipment. Once it has done the job of breaking down the adhesive, it can be cleaned up with water.

Soyclean is safe, so adhesive cleanup can be done without the use of flammable solvents or toxic adhesive stripping agents.

Soyclean is packaged in the following sizes:
  • 22 oz spray bottle
  • 1 gallon pails
  • 5 gallon pails
  • 5 gallon drums
It is effective, safe, and it really works!

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