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Thursday, November 15, 2018
Industrial Coding Equipment

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A&M Sales, Inc. offers a large selection of coding and marking equipment and supplies for printing on a wide variety of surfaces. Equipment choices include hand held or automatic, low or high speed, single or multiple lines, printing of text or graphics. Systems are available for printing on absorbent and non absorbent surfaces including corrugated, plastic, glass, metal and coated paper stock.

Need Help?

Return our marking/coding request form and we'll recommend a system to meet your needs. Or Email techsupport@amsalesinc.net with a brief description of your project.

Kiwi wheel coders, Kiwi ink jet printers, kiwi box

Industrial Wheel Coders

The series 450 side, top or bottom coders for installation on conveyors and case sealers. Available in three diffrent sizes. The Model 451 offer a printing area of 7/8" high, Model 452 offers 2" high, and the Model 453 offers 3 1/8" high. All messages run up to 12" in length.

All three models offer enclosed housing incorporating a replaceable ink cartridge instead of a re-inkable cartridge requiring bottles of ink that can result in spilled ink! Anti-repeat assembly kit optionally available to prevent repeat printing on cartons longer than 16". Friction driven
Kiwi wheel coders for box printers
1,2,3" Height
Kiwi wheel coders for box printers
Top Coding
Kiwi wheel coders for box printers
Front & Side Coder
Kiwi wheel coders for box printers
RH or LH Mounting

Free Industrial Ink Roller With Purchase Of Any Industrial Wheel Coder!

Rubber Type

Channelok Type

Channelok type is held securely in type channels which are part of the marking wheel.

Kiwi rubber type, baselock type or ribtype
Channelok Type in Marking Wheel
Kiwi rubber type, baselock type or ribtype
Single Letters, Numbers or full Words (logos)
Kiwi rubber type, baselock type or ribtype
Two-line Logo

Click here to download PDF with examples and explanation of Letter Sets

Kiwi rubber type, baselock type or ribtype Magflex printing mats have a magnetic backing which permits quick placement and removal. They are used with Kiwi Orbit Series Case Coders, Kiwi Flexographic Printers and Kiwi KD Flat Case Printers. Magflex mats are recommended where blocks of copy, bar codes, logos or similar information must be changed frequently. Mats are available in 0.125"(5mm) and 0.250"(10mm) thicknesses.

Kiwi rubber type, baselock type or ribtype Printing Mats are rcommended for use with multi-line copy. bar codes, company logos and designs. Mats can be furnished plain or adhesive backed, and are used with Kiwi Orbit Series Case Coders, Model 1020 Small Carton Printers and Kiwi Flexographic Printers. Typical thickness is 0.125"(5mm) Printing mats are available in either rubber or photopolymer materials.

Baselock & Ribtype

Kiwi rubber type, baselock type or ribtype We offer a full selection of ribbed back type choices for wheel coder systems or hand held stampers. Standard type sets or custom logo's are available.

Click here to download PDF with examples and explanation of Letter Sets

Industrial Handheld Carton Coders

HHCM Hand-held Roll Printer

Easy and quickly mark your shipping cartons, kraft bags or pallets. Designed for absorbent surfaces.

Handheld roll coders or hand stamps using rubber type

RIBtype® rubber type is pressed into the print wheel, and an ink roll automatically applies the ink. Printers are available in two models:
INDEXING: On these printers, the print wheel automatically returns to the start position after each imprint. You get one accurate, complete imprint every time.
NON-INDEXING: Also known as "random" or "continuous" printers, these models print continuously at repeat intervals equal to the print wheel circumference.
Indexing Model HHCM-I Print Size: 1 3/4 x 9"
Non-Indexing Model HHCM-R Print Size: 1 3/4 x 11"
Larger Units Upon Request
#01-050 POLY-INK ROLLS, available in BLACK, RED, BLUE OR GREEN 3/PKG

Poly-ink® disposable ink rolls give you thousands of impressions with no liquid ink mess.

Specialty units for non-absorbent surfaces are also available-contact us for more details

Industrial Ink Jet Printers


High Resolution Ink Jet Printer

EVOLUTION 1 has been designed to be a “low cost” yet completely expandable High Resolution printing system. In it’s basic form, it is a direct replacement for contact style roller coders printing simple product identification onto corrugated cartons.

However the addition of optional software enhancements take EVOLUTION from a simple system to one that rivals much higher priced hi-res large character printers meant for secondary carton coding, as well as a viable alternative to the small character DOD, continuous ink jet, and laser printers.

A Complete System - ONLY $875.00!

EVOLUTION I is complete and ready to install right out of the box. The system includes the mounting bracketry, a hand held controller with tactile keypad for message entry and the printhead module with internal product sensor.

Industrial Ink Jet Technology by Hewlett Packard:
Based on the proven Hewlett Packard thermal ink jet printhead, EVOLUTION delivers bold, fully formed characters from the first print to the last.

Ink Supply:
  • Cartridge volume: 42cc
  • Colors: Black, Blue, Red, Green, Yellow
  • Low ink monitoring
Hardware Options
  • Add-on High Resolution printhead modules
  • Spring loaded carton follower
  • Top coding bracketry
  • Floor stand
  • External product sensor
  • External encoder
Software Options
  • Alternative fonts: Downloadable via custom programmed flash card media
  • Logos: Ability to load up to 3 logos into the message
  • Downloadable via flash card media
  • EVOLUTION-NET software for PC control of network
Special Software Package No. 1
  • Message Storage: Up to 50 messages system wide
  • Automatic message repeat
  • Password protection
Special Software Package No. 1.5
  • Expanded Message Storage: Up to 99 system wide
  • Expanded Message Length: Up to 48 characters of 1/4”
  • to 1/2” in height. Or, up to 96 characters of 7/32” or smaller with 48 characters in two lines.

Special Software Package No. 2
  • Variable time formats
  • Variable date formats
  • Sequential numbering
  • Special Software Packages 1 and 1.5
Special Software Package No. 3
  • Shift Coding capability
  • Date Offset
  • Special Software Packages 1, 1.5 and 2
Evolution 1 pdf brochures:

Evolution 1 Brochure
Evolution 1 Options Brochure


Small Character High Resolution Ink Jet Printer


Complete System ONLY $1495.00!

Click here for details!


Prints on absorbent surfaces - bags, boxes and webs.
Kiwi large character ink jet printers for box printing and date coding uses water based ink
Kiwi Matrix I

Matrix I Specifications

  • 50 Characters per message
  • 200 message storage
  • prints standard 1/2" characters (13mm)
  • optional 3/8" 3/4" & 1" (10, 19 25mm)
  • character format 7x5 dot matrix
  • compact size 12" x 6.25" x 3.2"
  • shiping weight approx. 20lb.

Kiwi large character ink jet printers for box printing and date coding uses water based ink
Kiwi Matrix II

Matrix II Specifications

  • 50 Characters per line-2 lines
  • 200 message storage
  • prints standard 1/2", 3/8", 3/4", and 1" character height
  • double the height for single line applications
  • character format 7x5, 5x14 and 10x14 dot matrix
  • compact size 12" x 6.25" x 4.6"H
  • shiping weight approx. 25lb.

Features of both Units
  • 50 Characters per line-2 lines
  • 200 message storage
  • prints standard 1/2", 3/8", 3/4", and 1" character height
  • double the height for single line applications
  • character format 7x5, 5x14 and 10x14 dot matrix
  • compact size 12" x 6.25" x 4.6"H
  • shiping weight approx. 25lb.

Waterbased Inks

to View Print Samples.

C-Series Low Resolution

Domino large character ink jet printers for box printers and carton marking or date coding

for sample Low Res print.

for more information in a PDF!

Domino's C-Series low-resolution printers use valve-jet technology to produce large character codes onto porous substrates such as corrugated outer cases and trays.

Cost Efficient
  • Cost effective print of simple date, time and text
  • Simplifies stock planning
High Reliability
  • Proven Valve-jet technology
  • Rugged robust design
  • Self-pressured ink system ensures consistent printing
Ease of Use
  • Compact and unobtrusive design fits into existing production lines
  • User interface is icon driven to minimise operator error
  • Programmable time and date codes, shift codes and sell-by dates
  • Real-time product count recording
The low-resolution C-Series offers a complete range of print and speed capabilities designed to meet your specific needs. It includes the C7, C16 and C34, offering a variety of specifications:
  • Print - Variable text
  • Number of Lines - From 1 to 4 lines
  • Print Speed - Up to35m / minute
  • Print Height - From 10mm to 68mm
  • Ink - Water based

C-Series High Resolution

Domino large character ink jet printers for box printers and bar code printing

for sample High Res print.

Domino's C-Series high-resolution large character ink jet printers use Piezo valve technology to print barcodes, text, and graphics onto porous substrates such as corrugated outer cases, trays and sacks.

The versatility of the C-Series makes it a cost-efficient alternative to costly label printing.

Cost Efficient
  • Cost-effective alternative to labels, providing significant savings (typically ranging from 30% to 80%)
  • Printing onto blank cases minimises variants in inventory and simplifies stock planning
  • Increased printing flexibility enables ad-hoc printing runs and personalisation of packaging at no extra cost
  • Cases can be printed according to the exact quantity needed
Networked Solution
  • Domino's Connect software provides factory wide control, design and storage of text and graphics on networked printers
  • Windows® based interface provides intuitive and user friendly message creation
  • Incorporates productionreporting and factory wide monitoring capabilities
Superior Quality and Speed
  • Print quality of up to 300dpi
  • Line speeds of up to 80m/minute
  • Non-contact printing ensures package protection
  • Barcode verification including EAN, UCC and ITF-14 codes
High Reliability
  • Proven Piezo technology
  • Self-pressured print heads ensuring consistent ink feed
  • Rugged robust design for use in harsh environments
Ease of Use
  • Compact and unobtrusive design fits into existing production lines
  • Intuitive keypad and screen for message creation and storage
  • External print head available for low level printing

Industrial Flexographic Printers

Kiwi Coders Custom Flexo Printing Systems For Film, Foil, Paper, Board—You Name It:

Kiwi flexographic printers for paper printing and plastic printing on web materialsKiwi Coders Corporation’s reputation has been built on its ability to tailor its coding, marking and printing systems to each customer’s special needs. That is especially true of its flexographic printers. Flexo printing is used in a wide range of applications for both intermittent and continuous printing, on almost every material imaginable.

Kiwi applies its fifty years of experience with coding and marking equipment to design and manufacture the most effective combination of drive, inking and type systems to meet each customer’s individual application needs and requirements.

Most flexographic applications involve the printing of variable information such as bar codes, recyclable symbols, warning messages, striping, product descriptions, ingredient statements and codes of all kinds onto blown-film extrusions, insulation board, or a variety of barrier materials and laminates.

Options available with Kiwi flexographic systems include printing cylinders ranging in circumference from 8 inches (203 mm), and up to 120 inches (305 cm) wide. All equipment is of rugged heavy-duty construction and all rotating shafts run in sealed, self-aligning ball bearings. Equipment is equipped with steel wheels or casters for movability.

Click here
to download PDF with more information!

Kiwi flexographic printers for paper printing and plastic printing on web materials
Wide Web Flexo Printing
Kiwi cylinder printing machine
Kiwi flexographic printing machine

Specialty Machines

A&M Sales, Inc. supplies a wide range of specialty marking, coding and printing machines for your most demanding applications. These machines handle printing on materials from corrugated, to metal and plastics. Not all of our machines can be listed and shown. Please contact us for more information on these products.

Kiwi Series 1100 Reciprocating Coder Makes a Clear Impression:

The Kiwi 1100 series reciprocating coder offers specialized motion coding applications. It is designed for intermittent or continuous operations such as form, fill, and seal equipment, wrappers and baggers.

The floating spring-loaded typeholder adjusts to angularities on surfaces such as cans, K.D. cartons, film or foil. The 1100’s fine adjustment registers impressions at speeds up to 150 imprints per minute, is air actuated, mounts in virtually any position and prints at any angle.

The 1100’s instant-drying ink comes in a throw-away cartridge, eliminating the need for hot leaf printing foil or normal inking systems. The typeholder seals against the print surface, lengthening the life of the cartridge and ensuring legible first imprints. A variety of mounting, actuator, and options are available to ensure custom design.

Click here
to download PDF with more information!

Kiwi's Large Case/Sheet Printers Let Packagers Control Case Inventory and Printing Quality:

Kiwi Box printer

The ability to print cases on an as-needed basis eliminates the need for costly preprinted case inventory, cutting costs in material waste, warehousing space, and inventory handling. Kiwi Heavy Duty Flat-Case Printers deliver commercial-quality printed cases as needed, with clear, sharp bar codes, logos, printed instructions and handling information.

Model 2482 prints cases at up to 50 per minute (80 per minute with an available high-speed option). The press is designed for quick changes of imprint information, minimizing downtime and making just-in-time printing even more practical. A typical changeover takes minutes, including complete type change and cleanup.

Kiwi Box printerKiwi offers several type mounting systems for the Model 2482. A magnetic printing cylinder using curved metal plates carrying either permanently mounted metal dies or changeable KiwiOdyssey Channelok is recommended when frequent message changes are required. A Flexback printing cylinder onto which flexible plastic plates are mounted with straps is recommended when large amounts of copy are being printed. The Magflex cylinder accepts printing dies with flexible magnetic backing—recommended when small blocks of copy or graphics must be changed frequently.

The Model 2482-2C is a two-color version of the printer, designed with the second printing stand mounted on casters for easy removal for type changes, cleanup and maintenance.

Models 2482 and 2482-2C handle cases up to 26 inches (660 mm) wide by 44 inches (1117 mm) long, with imprint areas of 22 inches (559 mm) by 44 inches (1117 mm). Larger one- and two-color models are available able to handle cases up to 36 inches (915 mm) by 44 inches (1117 mm) with imprint areas of 32 inches (813 mm) by 44 inches (1117 mm).

All models feature a two-roller inking system and a 48-inch (1220-mm) circumference printing roller. Power requirements are 220 Volt, 50/60 Hz single phase service. The 1 HP enclosed drive motor is fan cooled, with a variable speed dial control. Available options include the high-speed feature, recirculating ink pump, a Kiwi Model SC Stacker Conveyor, Conveyor Catcher and totalizing counter. Special width and circumferential printers can also be supplied.

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to download PDF with more information!


Kiwi transports for folding cartons (card stock, corrugated cases and bags) are ideal for mounting label applicators and ink jet printers.

Ink Rollers/Ribbons

Ink Rollers

Ink rollers for wheel coders and wheel printers, hot stamp ribbons Ink rollers for wheel coders and wheel printers, hot stamp ribbons
  • Competitive Prices
  • Longer Life
  • Increased Performance...means increased profits for your company
  • Standard and custom sizes available

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