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Tuesday, October 16, 2018
Adhesive Equipment

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Hot Melt Adhesives

A&M Sales, Inc. offers a complete line of high quality, low maintenance, user friendly hot melt applicators and adhesive dispensers. Systems include tanks for bead or spray, wheel coaters and dot dispensers. Manual and fully automated, engineered systems are available.

We guarantee....
  • Factory Authorized - Sales & Support
  • Best Pricing - At or Below Factory Direct
  • Quantity Discounts For Multiple Machine Purchases
  • Manual to Fully Automated Dispensing Systems
  • Single Source Supplier of Equipment & Adhesives Offering Complete System Solutions.

Technical Support
Need help with an Equipment Recommendation, click here to fill out an online request form or email techsupport@amsalesinc.net with a brief description of your project.
Hot Melt Technologies hot melt spray equipment, hot melt machines for carton closing and gluing foam products
Benefits of using Hot Melt Applicators
Easy to use
Minimal Training
Low Startup Cost
Low Maintenance
Solvent Free
Application Specialties Include:
Case Closing, Carton Sealing, Packaging, Contract Assembly, Fullfillment, Mailing, Woodworking, Converting, Foam Fabricating, Automotive, Mattress Assembly, Laminating, POP Display, Furniture, Appliances, Transportation, Construction and many more.

Industrial Hot Melt Bead and Spray Systems

Benchmark Systems: Setting new Standards In Performance, Durability and Affordability.


Hot melt adhesive glue tank uses hot melt glue chips or hot melt spray adhesives
  • 8lb Tank
  • 1 or 2 Hose/Gun Capability
  • Spray Option: 1 Hose/Gun
  • Low Volume/Low Viscosity
  • Packaging & General Product Assembly
  • 800 watts 43RPM Motor 30mm Pump


Hot melt adhesive glue tank uses hot melt glue chips or hot melt spray adhesives
  • 15lb Tank
  • 1 or 2 Hose/Gun
  • Spray Option: 1 Hose/Gun
  • Medium Volume - Heavy Duty
  • Woodworking - High Volume Pkg
  • 1000 Watts 44RPM Motor 30mm


Hot melt adhesive glue tank uses hot melt glue chips or hot melt spray adhesives
  • 15lb Tank
  • 1 Hose/Gun
  • Bead & Spray Microprocessor Controls
  • 3 Zone Settings
  • High Volume/Manual or Automatic Guns
  • 1000 Watts 44RPM Motor 30mm Pump

for Machine Specifications PDF!

500 Series

Hot melt adhesive glue tank uses hot melt glue chips or hot melt spray adhesives
  • 25lb or 35lb Tanks
  • 1 or 2 Hose/Gun Capacity
  • Bead & Spray Microprocessor Controls
  • 5 Zone Settings
  • High Volume/High Output
  • Manual or Automatic Guns
  • 1500 Watts 60RPM Motor 30mm P
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Industrial Hot Melt Hoses

Hot melt glue hoses for new or used hot melt machines
High Quality-Long Life Hot Melt Hoses Available In Standard 8', 12', 16' Lengths. Please Specify Bead or Spray Application. Custom Sizes Upon Request. Discounted Pricing on Replacement Hoses!

Manual Guns

DG Series Handguns: Designed to increase control and reduce fatigue. These guns are lightweight, cool to the touch and have an industrial grade housing designed to withstand the rigors of shop floor operations. They offer interchangeable heavy duty nozzles and up-front heaters to maintain accurate temperatures at the point of application.
Industrial hot melt glue guns for hot melt glue machines
Top Entry
(Shown with optional Boom/Balance Assembly)
Industrial hot melt glue guns for hot melt glue machines
Standard Entry
Hot melt spray glue guns for hot melt spray adhesives
In-Line Spray or Bead

Automatic Guns

HMT automatic guns dispense adhesives and other thermoplastic materials and are designed for mounting in single or multiple units. A wide selection of nozzles for bead, spray or custom applications are available.
Industrial glue guns for automatic hot melt glue machines Industrial glue guns for automatic hot melt glue machines

  • On/Off Controllers and Shot timers
  • Cart Assembly With Casters
  • Boom/Balancer Assembly (Overhead Applications)
  • (See picture under manual guns Top Entry)
  • 24/7 Timers
  • TH - 924 (For use with: 205LV, 205ST and BM315)
  • TH - 100 (For use with: 500 Series, Units 525/535)
  • Cleaners
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Industrial Hot Melt Adhesive Coating Machines

Hot melt wheel coaters are ideal when your application requires a full coverage of adhesive accross the surface area for a more permanent bond, or to pre-apply adhesive with a release liner. Hot melt wheel coaters are faster, cleaner and easier to maintain than other traditional methods. A&M Sales, Inc. offers a complete line of specialty hot melt adhesives for bonding the most difficult surfaces and are designed for optimal performance in these machines.
Schaefer logo

HM Series Available in 3", 9" & 14" width glue coating roller. The HM-9 hot melt roll coater is used for the precision application of hot melt (thermoplastic) adhesives to parts from .020" to 1" thick. It is especially suited to coating thin leather, vinyl, chipboard, fiberboard and similar materials. The open-end rollers allow coating of edges of parts or full surface coating of parts up to 8½" wide. The HM-9 can be used to apply all types of hot melt adhesives including pressure sensitive types.

Hot melt adhesive coating machine using pressure sensitive hot melt adhesives
HM Series

  • 9" wide coating roll
  • Dual solid state temperature controls
  • Adjustable coating thickness
  • Variable speed drive
  • Adjustable feedroll height and pressure
  • Made in the USA

RT Series Hot Melt Rollcoater is available in 13", 26" or 40" widths. Applies pressure sensitive and long open time hot melt adhesives to foam, corrugated and other sheet materials. The RT is available as an open roller or can be setup with an optional powered feedroll system. Coating parts from .030 to 6" thick. Machines can be customized for specific applications.

Hot melt adhesive coating machine using pressure sensitive hot melt adhesives
RT Series
Floor stand with locking casters
Hot melt adhesive coating machine using pressure sensitive hot melt adhesives
RT Series
Digital electronic temperature controls

Model Rollwidth Voltage Amperage Heater Wattage Motor HP Ship Weight Net Weight Dimensions
RT 335 13"
(335 mm)
Single Phase
15 3000 1/2 400 lb. 300 lb. 22"W x 28"L x 40"H
RT 675 26"
(675 mm)
Three Phase
15 6000 1/2 650 lb. 500 lb. 35"W x 28"L x 40"H
RT 1020 40"
(1020 mm)
Three Phase
20 9000 1/2 850 lb. 700 lb. 49"W x 28"L x 40"H

Hysol logo

Discontinued By The Manufacturer


NEW hot melt wheel coating information coming soon! Starting at $2395.00!! Call 1-800-382-6108 for details.

Datco Basic Hot Rolls

The Datco "Basic" Hot Roll uses the same roll and reservoir as the full-feature Hot Roll. The difference is the drive and temperature control pacakge. The basic machine, available in 6" and 12" roll lengths, features a:

  • Constant-speed Brother International GTR gear motor
  • Fenwell electronic analog temperature control
  • 120 volt AC power requirement

The control panel is simple and straightforward, featuring an illuminated main power switch, a motor start-stop switch, and a knob to set the temperature. As with all Datco roll coaters, there is an electronic under-temperature circuit to prevent the motor from attempting to run until the unit has achieved setpoint temperature.

The Basic Roll is easy to use and easy to own. Simply plug it into almost any 120 volt outlet, set the temperature, and turn it on. When it's up to temperature, the motor is enabled, and you are ready to make production.

Datco Tabletop and Mounted Hot Rolls

The HotRoll series ranges in size from 6" to 36" in length. All Hot Rolls feature:

  • 2 1/2" diameter rolls
  • Delta Microprocessor temperature controls with digital display
  • Brother International AC gearmotors
  • Minarik VFD electronic variable frequency (variable speed) drives
  • Undertemperature protection (motor cannot start until up to temperature)

Tabletop HotRolls
Table top rolls are available in lengths of 6" - 12" - 18" and are the lowest cost roll full-feature applicators on the market. (Possible Accessories: knurled glue roll, hold-down roll [non-powered])

Mounted HotRolls
Mounted rolls are available in lengths of 6" - 12" - 18" - 24" - 30" - 36" plus special custom lengths upon request. The rolls can be mounted in your choice of a work bench type table or a roll-about service cart. Mounted rolls feature remote control panel box and chain drives with the motor mounted beneath the unit. While the mounted rolls are self-contained, they may be fed molten adhesive from an adhesive supply unit in high production applications.

Datco Big Rolls

The Datco BigRoll series roll applicators are available in 6" - 12" - 18" long models. All BigRolls feature:

  • 4 1/2" diameter rolls
  • Additional heating power
  • Under temperature protection
  • Delta Microprocessor temperature controls with digital display
  • Brother International AC gear motors
  • Minarik VFD variable frequency (variable speed) electronic drives
  • The unique "EZ-Just" cam actuated doctor blade
  • Large reservoirs
  • #35 chain drive

Tabletop Big Rolls
In the tabletop models, drive and electronics are located in easy access hinge open panel and this unit fesatures fan forced cooling for motor and electronics.

Mounted Big Rolls
Mounted rolls are mounted in your choice of a workbench-type table, or a roll-about cart. Mounted rolls feature a remote panel box and chain drive with the motor mounted beneath the unit. While mounted rolls are self-contained, they may be fed with molten adhesive from an adhesive supply unit in high production applications. [Accessories include hold-down rolls, both powered and idler types.]

datco Label Coaters

We offer special modifications to our line of HotRolls to facilitate the coating of thin, flexible substrates. Materials such as 24-lb. paper may be successfully coated with hot melt glues.

Datco Specialty Coaters

At Datco, we are always interested in modifying our products to meet your specific production requirements. If it involves the application of hot melt compounds, we would like to offer our expertise. The left photo illustrates a custom roll to apply glue to two sides of a corner block at the same time. This particular unit is used in the cabinet construction industry. The second photo shows custom "zoned" doctor blades that allow Datco rolls to produce special stripe patterns.

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Industrial Hot Melt Dot Dispensers

A&M Sales, Inc. offers hand held to fully automatic hot melt dot dispensing equipment. These units are ideal for dispensing removeable type hot melts along with pressure sensitive (sticky) or contract bonding hot melts.

Direct Mail/Bindery - Contact Packaging - Product Assembly - Fullfillment - POP Displays - Fixturing and many more.

AM-PRO 100

Dispenses pressure sensitive hot melt adhesives and removable hot melt adhesives
  • Under $50.00
  • All Electric/Handheld
  • AM-5077 - Removable Adhesive
  • AM-4930 - Aggressive Pressure Sensitive
  • AM-XXXX - Custom Filled (your adhesive)
  • Special Offer - Demo Kit $48.95
  • Includes Dispenser and 2 cartridges of adhesive
  • Great for testing and short runs


Dispenses glue dots and removable glue using pressure sensitive hot melt adhesives gluedots.com
  • Under $50.00
  • Handheld/Portable/Easy to Use
  • Accommodates a variety of Glue Dot Products
Products Include
Glue Dots, Glue Squares, Glue Lines, Glue Rectangles, and the new Stitch Pattern.

Adhesive dispenser for glue dots using removable adhesives and fugitive glue and pressure sensitive hot melt adhesive


Under $1500.00
Industrial pneumatic bulk applicator that hold up to 2 pounds of hot melt adhesive. Time delay relay switch for the same amount of glue each time the foot treadle is depressed. Needle valve nozzle for complete shut off. Adjustable flow control switch. Ideal for Removable/Temporary and Pressure Sensitive Hot Melts. Also used for hands free, low volume packaging applications.

Adjustable Temperature: 200°F to 500°F
Watts - Volts: 800 Watts, 120 Volts
Air Supply: 40 to 60 PSI
Adhesive Shape: slats, chips, pellets, bricks
Throat Depth: 6-1/2"
Dimensions: 18 1/4"H, 10 1/4"W, 8-3/8"L
Weight: 33 pounds
Tank Capacity: 2 Pounds
Viscosity Maximum: 20,000 CPS
Nozzles Orifices: 040", .080", .125"
Packaged: Box

Datco Pressure Pot Extrusion

The Pressure Pot is a compact, self-contained, bulk melter with a high-speed electro-pneumatic glue valve attached. This machine will accept any form of hot melt material that will pass through a 2 1/2" round opening.

Air pressure up to 100 PSI is applied to molten adhesive. The placement of the adhesive is controlled by cycling the glue valve.

  • Capacity: Approximately 2 lbs.
  • Wattage: 700 watts
  • Voltage: 120 volt (option 240 volt)
  • Temperature Control: thermostat
  • Temperature Range: 300 - 400 degrees F

Available Options:

  • Microprocessor temperature control with digital display. Temperature range ambient to 450 degrees F.
  • Mounting Stand

The Datco Flap Gluer incorporates the Pressure Pot applicator on a special stand (bottom photo)


As the flap of a case or carton is slid along a fence, sensors automatically turn the glue on, then off, producing a line of glue along the flap. The sensors are set to skip about 1/4" on the lead and tail of the flap to eliminate squeeze-out. The Flap Gluer is ideal for short-run production and for repack. The machine is self-contained and portable, requiring only a 120 volt service and compressed air.

The same basic set-up is available with a foot switch in place of the sensors for product assembly operations.

Automatic adhesive dispenser for applying glue dots using pressure sensitive hot melt adhesives and fugitive glue


Under $4000.00
This unit has an 8lb. Tank with Hose, Automatic Dispensing Gun, Nozzle, Shot Timer, Air Control Kit and Footswitch. Designed for higher volume projects and daily use. Made in the USA. Larger tanks available for high speed/large volume requirements.
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Industrial Liquid Adhesive Coating Machines

Coating units are used to apply cold, liquid, waterbased adhesives to a wide variety of materials. Typical applications include label mounting, laminating and coating of sheet goods ranging from paper stock to 6" thick. Liquid Adhesives available in 5gal pails, 55 gal drums and totes.

Label Gluers - Edge Gluers - Sheet Cementers - Smoothing Presses - Top Side Coaters - Sheet Feeders

Label Gluers

Used for gluing paper labels to cartons, cans, bottles, drums, corrugated and other surfaces.

Schaefer logo Gluefast Adhesive and Application Equipment


Schaefer label gluing machine applies liquid adhesive to paper labels
  • For small labels and low volume
  • 6" Wide Coating Wheel

Label Pro 5.5

Gluefast label gluer for paper labels
For small labels and low volume
Manual & Electric

MS Unit

Schaefer label gluer applies liquid adhesive to paper labels
  • 9", 12" or 15" Wide Coating Wheel
  • Dial Coating Control
  • Removeable Roller for Fast Cleanup
  • Stainless Steel Rollers
  • Glue Tank, Stripper Points Offer Durability and Long Life

Captain B

Gluefast electric label glue machine uses liquid glue
  • For small labels and low volume
  • 8", 10", & 14" ROLLER WIDTHS
  • Excellent glue film control, easy cleaning, variable speed control.

Sheet Cementers

Used to apply liquid adhesives to larger sheet goods and build for high volume production runs. Units can be setup for feed stock from .025 to 6" thick and use latex, resin, dextrin and other water based adhesives. Applications include large label mounting, laminating and corrugated buildups for packaging and converting operations. Accepts a wide range of materials.

Schaefer logo Gluefast Adhesives & Applicating Equipment logo

Sheet Cementer

Scheafer label glue machine for adhesive coating of large labels
  • 18", 24", 32", 38", 45" Wide Coating Roller
  • Stainless Steel Components
  • Cast Aluminum Outer Frame
  • Dual Dial Calibrated Glue Controls
  • Slow Speed Tank Roller (reduces foaming)
  • Fast easy cleanup in 5 min

Colonel Series

Gluefast label glue machine for coating liquid adhesives to large paper labels
  • 20" and 32" Wide Coating Roller
  • Double Roller design for excellent glue-film control
  • Variable speed control
  • Thermostatically-controlled, heated glue tray

Top Side Coater

Schaefer glue machine applies liquid adhesives to top side of surface The TC series of coaters are used to apply adhesives, sealants, finish coatings, and lubricants to the top surface of parts. These machines are ideal for conveyorized lines or for situations where the coated surface cannot be touched while wet. The TC is capable of coating parts from .003 thick to 1" thick, and can be used with water based adhesives (latex, dextrine and PVA resin cements) as well as many other adhesives and coatings. The machine comes complete with an adhesive reservoir and pumping system, and reservoir, pump and collector tank for the wash fluid. All components are mounted in a welded frame with casters, so it can be easily moved.

Smoothing Presses

Allows immediate stacking of bonded materials.

The smoothing Press is designed to work in tandem with the Sheet Cementer. It presses out wrinkles and bubbles and eliminates the need for manually rubbing down the laminated sheets. It allows a less skilled worker to produce top quality work and drastically reduces floor space requirements by allowing immediate stacking of the laminated products. Allows immediate stacking of bonded materials.

Schaefer logo Gluefast Adhesive and Application equipment logo

Schaefer Smoothing Press

Schaefer Machine Company
  • Floating Top Roller Eliminates compression
  • Instant Electronic Braking
  • Adjustable Clearance Between Rollers
  • Durable Urethane Coated Rollers
  • Laminate Materials up to 11/4" Thick
  • Adjustable Infeed Guard

Gluefast Smoothing Press

Gluefast Equipment Company
  • Rubber upper roller, metal lower rolloer
  • Adjustable tension-and-thickness control
  • Variable-speed control (110-volt motor only)

Industrial Sheet Feeders

Schaefer Machine Company The Schaefer VSF-1 is used to automatically feed sheets to a gluing machine. It can feed single sheets upon an operator signal, or can feed automatically at timed intervals - from 2 sheets/minute to 20 sheet/minute.

Sheets are picked off the shack by a set of Vacuum cups, separated by an air blast, and moved forward into the gluing machine. Since the operator can concentrate on handling and placing the glueed part, the VSF-1 will increase the output of any gluing station - in many cases doubling production rates.

Industrial Edge Gluers

Schaefer logo Gluefast Adhesives & Applicating Equipment
Schaefer edge gluing machines
Edge Coaters are used to apply latex cement (or other water-base cement) to the edge of a part. Coating width is adjustable from 1/4" to the full width of the machine, and machines are available in 3", 8", 11" and 15" widths. They have adjustable coating thickness and a low speed tank roll to minimize latex foaming. Special models are available for stripes, zippers and thick parts.
Gluefast edge gluing equipment
The electric Edge Gluer glues any stock up to 5/8" thick. The adjustable glue film control allows application of the precise amount of glue required. Adjusting the glue film thickness is as simple as turning a knob. The Electric Edge Gluer utilizes a fully enclosed gear motor, driving the glue roller at a speed of 2,000 gluing inches per minute.

Industrial Liquid Adhesive Tank System

Adhesive glue tanks for adhesive dispensing

Portable, versatile and efficient. Our Pneumatic Adhesive Tank (PAT) is the fast, economical way to apply adhesive for case and carton sealing, palletizing loads, or performing just about any gluing operation you’ll ever need. PAT is completely portable so you just bring it to the item to be glued. There’s no need to waste valuable time by relocating items to a glue station. PAT is totally self-contained, complete with stainless-steel tank, pressure gauge and regulator, hand grips, nylon hose and safety relief valve.

Industrial Hot Melt Adhesives

A&M Sales, Inc. offers a wide variety of hot melts in both stick and bulk form. We stock a large selection of glue sticks with sizes available to fit most glue guns. We also stock thousands of pounds of hot melt adhesives in bulk form, including chips, pillows, blocks and bags for easier handling when using hot melt tank systems. Our product specialties include packaging and product assembly applications for both manual and automatic systems. Ask about our NEW removable hot melts low temperature glue sticks.
Case Closing, Carton Sealing, Packaging, Contract Assembly, Fullfillment, Mailing, Woodworking, Converting, Foam Fabricating, Automotive, Mattress Assembly, Laminating, POP Display, Furniture, Appliances, Transportation, Construction and many more.

Spray Hot Melts

Assembly Hot Melts

Woodworking Hot Melts

Wide Web Laminating/Spraying

Hot Melt Carton Sealing

Case Sealing

Not sure what type of adhesive you need? Fill out our Adhesive Request Form or Email techsupport@amsalesinc.net with a brief description of your project and we'll recommend a solution for your application.

Bulk Hot Melts

Case & Carton Sealing
Assembly Products
Pressure Sensitive(tacky)
Removeable or Fugitive
Specialty (upon request).


Benefits of using hot melt adhesives
Increased Production
Easy to Use
Solvent Free
Long Shelf Life
Low Cost Dispensing Eqpt.

See our Glue Dot Dispensers information for solutions to your low, medium or high volume applications of temporary hold or credit card type adhesives for mailings, inserts or multiple item packaging. Our adhesive formulas are available in pre extruded dots, tubes, blocks and pillows.

Hot Melt Glue Sticks

Economy Grade
Packaging Grade
Assembly Grade
High Performance

5/8X2"  5/8X10"  1/2X4"  1/2X10"  1/2X15"
1X3"  .75X2.5"  1.75X1.5"
Other sizes available.


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